Gold Togo and Handle Darkening.

  1. Hi Ladies (and Gents). I'd love a Gold Birkin but am concerned about this - PHH (fastly becoming a HLDH) looked me in the eyes yesterday whilst I was washing the dishes and said that I should get another Birkin. Has anyone got a Gold Birkin that's darkened on the handles? If so, how long did it take? Are there any precautions (apart from carrying it on your forearm) to avoid or delay it?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. OMG, he said that? Wow, what a keeper :biggrin: Does he have any single brothers? Or do you have a course on brainwashing?

    What leather are you thinking about? I remember we discussed Togo but is that still on the cards?
    For that, I think the darkening would be minimal, particularly considering how careful you'd be with it. And a good cleaning at H would take care of that in a jiffy.
  3. Thanks Perja,

    lol, I think he was trying to get out of helping with the dishes - it worked!!! Yep, decided that Togo is the way to go, like the extra bit of stiffness. Now I have to wait until lunchtime when my store opens.
  4. Woo-hoo Cal - that's exciting. You could always twilly-wrap the handles if you were really worried about it.
  5. Cal:

    I don't have a Birkin but I have a gold togo Kelly that I have used almost daily for over a year. I carry the bag by the handle most of the time. I just looked at it and don't see any handle darkening.
  6. are you sure hermes can reverse darkening on the leather? do they dye over it? i understand how they fix rubbed corners, because there leather is missing, and i guess they re-dye that area to saturate it with color so that the bag is even again.

    cal, one thing i've noticed about handles is that if they do darken, on something like gold togo, it's really primarily the underside. but gold is a pretty rich color, not sooo light. wouldn't be a problem for a few years i would think...
    you would take to wearing gloves. :p
  7. ooops, just occurred to me that birkins don't really have an underside on the handles....
  8. Thanks so much for your replies ladies :flowers:
  9. I have a 35m Gold Togo Birkin that I've used for a few years, and have worn in the warmest weather without having the handles darken. Wonderful choice!

    Congrats on your Hermes evolving DH!
  10. Thanks Millstream - wonderful to hear. Now comes the hard part.....getting my paws on it :graucho:
  11. I have a gold togo Birkin. Been carrying it incessantly by the handle for over two years. I'm not a very careful person (as a matter fact, you can say I'm abusive), and the handles look fine to me. HTH!
  12. I've got a 35 gold's 6 years old. It doesn't have any noticable darkening. I just got it back from being cleaned...and it looks great. I must say, that it is a bag that I don't baby.
  13. I've got a gold togo Birkin as well. I've had it for about a year and I carry it almost every day. The handles havn't darkened one bit! I think you'd be happy with it...great choice!:tup:
  14. Which size are you thinking Cal? Gold in swift is also gorgeous ... it's my other favorite gold leather together with gold togo. Also, in 30cm, swift doesn't slouch as much.

    You can also carry a nice matching pochette at the handles. I saw one design with ballerinas in golden- beige colorway and I'm thinking of getting it.
  15. No darkening handles here either.... for a bag 6 years old:smile: