"Gold" the hardest color to get !

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  1. Hi everyone,

    What’s the hardest color to get? I was told that Gold is the most popular color and its hard to get , also bulejean ...
    Is that True ?:confused1:


    Imagine …if you walk to a Hermes boutique ; and that day you're so lucky the SA offered you a birkin bag ... which color most lucky it will be ???????????????:idea:
  2. I would say that the most popular colors are black and gold. Raisin, blue jean and ebene are probably up there as well, I would imagine.

    I would feel most lucky if I walked in to find a box or chevre birkin in any color.
  3. A few years back, I was also told in conversation that gold was the hardest color to get in a birkin.
  4. A couple months ago when I started my search for a Gold I was told it was the hardest to get as well.... but, I've found that with persistence, anything is possible!!
  5. Gold is definitely the hardest to get. It took me a long time to get one. I was offered or stumbled across.......black, brown, and the other colors. Based on what I have been told its because Gold is seasonless. Black is heavy in the summer especially in a 35cm where the gold is a lighter look. Also gold has the white stitching--its a very beautiful look.
  6. hmmm...what about Indigo?
  7. When I asked my London SA, the answer was gold. When I asked my NY SA, the answer was black!
  8. Vert Foncé!:drool:
  9. i was told gold was the hardest to get and not to get my hopes high because it was slim to none that i would ever get it. my sa in ny told me that, but few weeks ago i was dealing with the situation where i became an owner of two gold bags. so one never knows.
    thank goodness i was able to exchange one for chocolate.
  10. Are we talking only for Birkin bags or any other style?
  11. I don't think Gold is the hardest to get....I have come across 2 in my search for another combi.

    I think that finding the exact colour/leather/HW/Size in any H Bag will always be a small challenge in general.
  12. There is a 30 cm gold birkin with PH right now in my H store ($8500.00). There was one a couple of weeks ago as well. There was a 40 cm gold birkin a few months ago... all are/were available on the floor.
  13. The answer probably depends on which store you ask; it's the demands of the local geographic market that decide which color is the most in-demand / the toughest to get one's hands on. (It also seems to depend on store 'policy' vis-a-vis its clientele. The most sought after colors are sometimes offered only to their 'best' clients.)
  14. wow, where's your store?!
  15. Vancouver, Canada. It was still there today in the window...