Gold tester

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  1. Does anyone have an electronic gold tester? I was wondering how accurate they are and looking for a recommendation. Thanks!
  2. I don't have one, but I took an item that should be 18k in to a local pawn broker last week and his read 9k! I was then told by two separate local jewellers that they don't use them as they are unreliable. The item has now been sent off to be tested for sure. I should get it back next week so will know one way or the other then!
  3. Does gold testing damage the jewellery?
  4. Depends on how and where you test it...i wanted to apraise my ring in a local pawnshop and they asked me if its alright to drill a tiny hole inside my ring and of course I declined. Some uses the nitric acid test. ( not sure if i spelled it right) and they told me it doesnt ruin the ring or take out any gold. Its scary to watch them do it because it seem like they are damaging the ring. But after, i noticed no difference
  5. Thank you. That is good to know abut the nitric acid. I also would not want a hole drilled in my ring.
  6. My item came back from being tested and it is 18ct by the way, so the electronic testers are definitely not reliable!
    I was told they would have used an acid test and there's no marks on it at all, even looking through a jewellers loupe :smile:
  7. Glad to hear it is 18ct.
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