Gold St. Christopher pendant...

  1. Looking for a simple design St. Christopher pendant in gold, about 3cm around. Does anyone know where I can find one, preferably w/a 20" or 24" chain. I am having no luck! Thanks :P Also, the ones I see say 9ct. Is that common for these type of pendants?
  2. I may know someone that can help :wlae:

    And regarding the 9ct. A lot of the St. Christopher Medals are made in Italy where 9ct gold is very popular. In different countries there is a minimum legal standard for something to be called "SOLID GOLD." In the US, it's 10k while in some countries it's 8 or 9k.
  3. Japster thank you!!! As for 9k, would that make it really yellow? Or would I not be able to tell the difference if I sent 9k and 10/14k side by side? I saw some 9k on ebay, but didn't like the styles or they weren't large enough. Anything you could do would be great!
  4. The color of the gold is determined by the type and amount of alloys used (For example nickel will "whiten" the gold and make it white gold).
  5. Ok! Well as long as it's yellow that's all I care about lol.
  6. Can you PM me with the links to ones you are looking at? Also give me an idea of shape, etc.
  7. here's one I saw that I liked - I would like a round shape and would prefer no writing on the front of the medal, very plain - just a picture: