Gold, Silver or Black Suhali Lockit - Which color would you get?


Which Suhali Lockit would you get?

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

  3. Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you were to buy a Suhali Lockit, which color would you get and why?
  2. I'd get silver, it goes better w. my wardrobe & platinum ring. Silver seems more special & dressy than the black and will be more limited edition I think! Wish I had the extra $$ to get one!
  3. gold. I just love gold.
  4. I'd get black becasue its most versatile
  5. errr.. those colour comes with two size - PM and MM, isn't?
    or just come only one size? if so which one?
  6. Please get silver, it's popping more than the black, but it's still more versatile than gold.
  7. Shoot! I accidentally voted for gold, but I meant silver!
  8. I'd get the black because it seems the most versatile.
  9. Black, because it's classic.
  10. I vote silver because I have a black Le Tal. Silver is SO in this season!!
  11. Suhali Lockit MM:smile:
  12. I would personally get the black especially for the mm size because it's big. But if we were talking pm ... I'd get silver.
  13. Black, because the black suhali lockit is sooo beautiful! If I would get a gold or silver bag, it would have to be considerably smaller - more like a clutch or an evening bag.
  14. I love both black & silver but black will be my first choice as black suhali lockit is absolutely timeless.
  15. I love the gold.