gold/silver metalic spy, petrol baby spy or LV speedy 30?

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  1. OR the balenciaga city in rust! which to buy?!?!?!? eeeeek! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. You can get an LV Speedy anytime. I'd get the gold/silver metallic Spy!
  3. The metalic spy for sure!!!!! It is the most gorgeous bag I have ever owned....
  4. the metalic spy.
  5. wow! awesome! unanamousness! heee ...metalic spy purchased!!!!! thank u all!!!! :heart: :heart:

  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!
    oooh post pics of you with it. I have been dying to see someone model this bag. i just ordered it yesterday!!!!!
  7. NICE! did u order from NM as well? heeee we'll both post pics!!!!
  8. I ordered mine from Bloomingdales. The SA told me that I got the last one. :yes:

    well, I guess its not really ordering. I paid for it on the phone and they are shipping it to me.
  9. oh no.. it definately counts as ordering! hahaa ... i went to and did a lil online purchase!!! heee :biggrin:
  10. I say Spy.
  11. We want pictures!!!!!!!