GOLD & SILVER Jumbos!!Help me choose which to keep! PICS!!

  1. I now have both the gold and silver hardware black jumbo! I am even more torn then before about which to keep!! HELP!! Sorry some of the pics didnt come out too clear...
  2. Sorry everyone I cant get my pics to work...booo
  3. aww...I want to help!!
  4. It keeps saying that my file is too big for the format...I am just going under advanced and then the paperclip and browsing..I have no idea why it wont work..I do pics for eBay all the time!

    Does anyone have any advice?
  5. Go to your photo editing software and click "resize". Most of my pictures are too big as well- for jpeg they have to be under 200 to be uploaded on the pf.
  6. Tho' I've yet to see yr pics..... in situation like this, I would choose the ones that will go with more of my jewellery. Also, it depends on what I currently don't have. The silver if I already have a bag with gold hardware, for eg. Just my opinion, let's see what the majority advises upon you successfully posting the pics! Good luck.
  7. I cant seem to find anything that says resize...
  8. Thanks MLbag, its my first Chanel and I wear mostly 2 toned David Yurman(silver with gold accents)
  9. I have told you this before. Get the gold! :yes: It's sooooo nice!
  10. haha! I need help trying to post my pics!
  11. Even in the absence of photos, it is silver for me but that is because I never wear gold anything - good luck with the photos though as I'd love to drool anyway!
  12. you should go to the shop and try them on and see which one do you feel more and which suits you better, it might not be accurate for you to just look at pictures, as both bags look equally gorgeous.

    As for me, because of my skin tone I find that too much gold would perhaps make my skintone even more yellowish so I prefer the silver....

    I do have a black reissue 225 in gold HW tho'...:p
  13. I wonder if this will work...
  14. Yeahhh I'm getting some where!
  15. OK I think I got the pics comin now...I had to make the file much smaller I guess... I had both the Gold and Silver Jumbos shipped to me and am now even more confused then before about which to keep!! Help!!!

    I want a very classic Chanel and this is my very first Chanel! I wear mostly David Yurman jewelry that is silver with gold accents. My watch is also two toned gold + silver. Sorry the pics arent that clear...
    IMG_3686.JPG IMG_3694.JPG IMG_3707.JPG IMG_3699.JPG