Gold Sandals for $1,215!!

  1. omg is that the one we all went into a frenzy over? i thought it was a mistake but looks like sizes 37 and 37.5 are sold out! what is this!!
  2. Yes it's the one!!!

    I hear it comes with keys to a BMW. Mmmm my favorite.
  3. I just saw them on either Bergdorf's or Neiman's site today for $665 so I guess it was an error
  4. hmmm but 665 for those? if they were 215 i would still have to consider lol!
  5. I LOVE them but cant justify any pairs of CL's. Im at a size 6.5/7 now, but am still growing so have to wait a year or so....
  6. I saw these also, they were at Saks in NY. Also marked as $665, they are also available in black. I didn't see anything special about this shoe and not worth $665 IMO.
  7. I thought the same thing. Nothing special.
  8. it's like the NM Yoyo debacle in reverse :p
    I think their website programmers are high when they plug in prices!!
  9. LMBO! Oh those were joyous times. NOT!

    I can't believe I ended up with a pair after all that. I saw them on the website for $690 available in all sizes, and I called NM and I said, I don't think so buddy, not if you canceled my order(s) for inventory reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They gave them to me for $280!