Gold Rush--Kamaa Derby!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just came back from our local LV men's show party and I came home with the kamaa derby in metallic leather. I ordered them through my SA a while ago. I adore them! It's weird because the people at the party were never aware of the shoes existence even some SAs. I thought they would know about them. I guess they don't come to TPF too often? ;)

    It actually feels $#*@! great to own a piece of the miroir line! :p


    P.S. She did confirm the miroir lockit for you lovely ladies! :nuts:

    Oh and I did get some weird jenga thingamajiggy freebie...the pateki. What is that?
    k1.jpg k2.jpg k3.jpg k4.jpg k5.jpg
  2. WOW Those are effing HOT! CONGRATS!
  3. More pics...
    k6.jpg k7.jpg k8.jpg
  4. woahhhhhhh!!!!! awesome shoes!!!!
  5. Thanks for the modeling pics! I remember seeing them at the boutique two weeks ago, but didn't even check them out! :push: There's always next time. Congrats bud! :biggrin:
  6. absolute hotness! my SA's been pushing me to get a pair too but im afraid it'll just stay in the box for most of its life :push: congrats and enjoy!
  7. Cool! That must be the second or third one. Apparently there are only three allocated to the U.S. Sometimes I don't know if they are pulling my leg when the SAs claim these things.
  8. True...I fear using them but I will. You should get them. You have great taste!
  9. I can't stop blinking my eyes.
  10. :drool: that is sooooo wiiiiiiiild!!!
    wow. just. wow
  11. those are some HOT shoes!!! :smile:
  12. ooo spells hotness to me :love: congrats!
  13. HOT HOT HOT I would be afraid to wear them, they remind me of the Dior Homme line, but these are shinyer...
  14. Holy pimp...that's all I can say!
  15. :roflmfao: . I actually think it's F'in hot. One of the male SA's was telling me that he got them. He can so pull it off.