Gold Rolex or Gold Cartier BB

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to get some help to help me make up my mind on a gold watch. I am thinking of getting a gold watch that's good for either everyday and special occations, that I will enjoy for many years, maybe that's the only gold watch I will own. I am considering either a Cartier BB 28mm or a Rolex 26mm. I like BB's look, and already have a two-tone BB in 33mm. I don't have any Rolex yet, and wasn't too crazy about the look, but who knows, I may grow into it... Rolex seems to be a more classical watch and for sure will not be dated. I like Cartier BB's style, but it seems that Rolex will be a better investment. Anyway, I would like to hear some watch expert's opinions.

    I like diamond watches, not sure if it is too much for everyday wear. But if one have a diamond watch, why not just wear and enjoy it? Anyway, want to hear some thoughts.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I feel you have stated what you want to purchase but are hesitant! IMO get the Rolex gold! You already have a Cartier BB two tone. I would understand if you were to sell your Cartier BB two and going to purchase and all gold Cartier BB. It wouldnt make sense to have Cartier BB! Rolex has all gold with Diamond markers. You should check out a Rolex store, bcuz I heard you can also customize your watches!!! GL on your purchase ;)
  3. I would get the ballon bleu in a heart beat, if anything maybe sell the two tone for soemthing else but nothing to me is better than a rolex
  4. Thanks for the replies. I don't want to sell my two tone BB, love it. Want to get another all gold watch. Looks like Rolex is the way to go? But I like BB, and a gold BB with diamond is very pretty, though it probably won't hold value like a gold Rolex, and it is not automatic...

    More thoughts?
  5. Although I'm not crazy about Rolex but in terms of 'investment' I'd say go for gold Rolex. After all you already have your BB.
  6. Gold Rolex. What a fun choice you have, a gold rolex would be a dream watch for me. Since you have a BB I would go for a rolex.
  7. You already have a BB. I would go for the Rolex. It is different from what you have and will always be a classic.
  8. I agree with the others since you already have a bb go for the gold Rolex. I have a gold one with a mop dial and diamond hour markers and feel like it is just enough bling. I do think a diamond bezel on a gold Rolex is beautiful as well but was satisfied with just having diamonds on the dial since I think the gold bezel is really lovely.
  9. Thanks so much for everyone's reply. Now any suggestion for the size and combinations? I am petite (5'2'') and have a small wrist, I think 26mm looks good on me, but it seems that everyone is wearing a bigger watch nowadays? My bb is 33mm and I love it. So I wonder should I get 26 or 31? I like mop with diamond hour and diamond bezel, wonder if there is any other pretty comb out there?

    Thanks a lot!
  10. I think either size would look great on you. I have very small wrists and have the smaller size and think it looks nice on a petite wrist.
  11. Gold Rolex :smile:
  12. I will go for Rolex since you have a BB already.
  13. Try both 26 and 31, you will find one that suits you. My pick would be diamond bezel with white MOP and roman numerals, love love Rolex's roman numeral. Forget about the diamond markers, let the diamond bezel steal the show!
  14. I recommend the 26mm gold Rolex , especially is you have a small wrist. It is a very classy, timeless watch. I have had both, the 31mm and the 26mm and they both have their place. The 31mm is a sportier watch. I do love the BB and have it as well. But I love it in the stainless.
  15. I would also vote for the rolex. That is a true classic watch. Don't get me wrong, I love BB and have one in SS but I think for such an expensive item, rolex is the way to go