Gold Rivet on Creed? Help! Quick!

  1. I received the bag I ordered. I don't doubt its authenticity and most of the bag is perfect, though the thread it is stitched with seems a little grey instead of white. However, it has a gold rivet on the creed that goes straight through to the inside pocket. What does this mean? It was not disclosed in the auction, nor was it shown in the photographs.

    Second, it has a Nordstrom Rack tag inside the inside pocket that says "refurbished" with a price of $89.97.

    Your thoughts? I haven't contacted the seller yet. What would you do in my position?

  2. The rivet just means that the bag is not eligible for returns to Nordstrom. Frankly, as long as the rest of the bag is as described, I wouldn't contact the seller. It's such a pretty bag, congrats!
  3. What does "refurbished" mean, and will the gold rivet affect it if it needs repairs through Coach (it doesn't now or anything, just thinking ahead) because Coach doesn't allow alterations...
  4. And the rest of the bag is perfect. Definitely new, the texture of the leather is exactly what I wanted and the interior looks like it has never been touched.
  5. Oh, that is so cute! I want one now:yes:
  6. I would contact the seller and ask her why this rivet was not disclosed in her listing. I also dont know why the tag would say refurbished....Sorry this has happened to you.
  7. I had a Brighton Handbag I bought on eBay that had the same gold Rivet on it. I was able to pull it off carefully. It also had a Tag from Norstroms Rack. It was a Beautiful handbag so I didn't care. I bought it at a great price. I wouldn't worry about it if I was you unless you paid too much. You got a Beautiful handbag!!!
  8. This rivet cannot be pulled off. It goes through the creed and into the pocket. It goes through the lining.

    Any other opinions? Please?
  9. i wouldnt take it off if it goes through the lining....then youd have a funny looking hole.
  10. if your happy with it, for the price you paid, then keep it. I doubt your seller will give you a partail refund for it or anything, so you will either have to mail it back at your expense, or keep it.

    you said its perfect and what you want, so just look past the rivet. the only other thing you can do, is return it to your seller, so you have to decide if you want it or not

    as far as coach repairs to it, I have no idea on that,but if you call they can probably tell you. just say you bought it at last call etc, and it has a rivet and you wanted to know should it need repairs in the future if its covered.
  11. I don't think coach will repair these, from the answers I have received in the past. I think the seller definately should have listed a rivet on the creed!! Also, what did you pay for it? If they paid $89 I wouldn't have wanted to pay a ton, especially w/ the rivet... but it is up to you and how you feel.. the rest of the bag is beautiful, I love the ali in black!! :tup:
  12. I pretty much agree with everyone else. If you feel you paid too much for what it is, then return it. If not, then be happy with the bag. I think it looks great, and the rivet wouldn't bother me.

    I would, however, put in your feedback that the seller didn't disclose this information. It was deceptive. You may want to leave neutral on this one (unless you feel it's harsh, then just leave positive but put that in your fb anyway).
  13. It is a beautiful bag, but I paid too much for it to be damaged or have the warranty voided. I have contacted the seller and requested that they authorize a return with a full refund (less shipping and handling) so this can be resolved amicably.

    I know so many people here have received great items on eBay, but everytime I buy something happens. I am convinced that eBay is 99% liars and con artists.
  14. That's why I very rarely buy anything off eBay. Only if I can't find it anywhere else, or if it's an insanely good deal.
  15. Well, I must give kudos to the seller. They responded immediately and said that they would accept a return for a full refund. The bag must be posted within two days of the email, so I will have to send it back Monday. They guarantee a refund within 4 days of receiving the bag back in original condition.

    I did pay a lot for this bag. It IS perfect in every other way. But if the rivet voids the warranty, what happens if the turnlock breaks? Not that Coach has done such a great job with repairs on turnlocks anyway...

    Can anyone confirm whether the rivet actually voids the warranty?