Gold Rio Anaconda

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  1. Stepping away from the Chanel, Hermes and Gucci boards for a bit...

    The gold anaconda rio oversized clutch! I love love love this bag after trying it on in the store but am not paying this price. If anyone sees it anywhere on sale please please please lemme know. This is my first ever Jimmy Choo love!!!!!!!


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  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of :choochoo::choochoo:

    Check the Jimmy Choo Forum regularly, because in Dec JC starts their sale and it will most likely be 30% off and then further reductions on remaining items will be 50%:woohoo:
  3. Once you have a Choo, it's addicting.
  4. Welcome to the Choo girls club, BlkLadyLaw! I haven't seen this one on sale yet, but like robynbenz said the sale starts soon, so keep checking back here or (although we know before the web site does!) Let the frenzy begin:woohoo:
  5. Thanks ladies! I will keep my eyes peeled on your boards!
  6. ^^^Hey neighbor, it also wouldn't hurt to make contact at the Jimmy Choo boutique in Chevy Chase. They are very helpful there and may even call you with a heads up if/when the clutch goes on sale. And I agree, its TDF!!!!! :drool:

    Jimmy Choo
    The Collection at Chevy Chase
    5481 Wisconsin Avenue
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    Tel 240 223 1102
  7. :welcome:Welcome BlkLadyLaw!

    That clutch is stunning!
    With good taste like that ... you'll fit right in with the :choochoo:girls!
  8. Wow! That is one flashy bag. Do you have a special event planned? Welcome to the Choo forum. Seeing that bag makes me wish I could visit the factory to see how the metallic finish is applied. I'm sure it is all proprietary, tho'.
  9. That bag is stunning but I definitely understand not wanting to pay full price.
  10. No event planned but would just like to have a gold evening bag in my collection and this is the best one I have seen...well for my tastes anyway. It is stunning in person. And I love the size as I am a 6ft amazon and it the perfect size for me....all the typical teeny weeny evening bags are not for me. I used to stop by periodically and try it on at Neimans and I noticed it is no longer on the floor. My SA mentioned that no one has been interested in it and they are not selling so he fully expects them to be marked down eventually.

    Thanks for the tip Cosmopolitan! I will be sure to contact the boutique.
  11. Welcome BlkLadyLaw. I have to say that is a gorgeous first for a Jimmy Choo. The gold anaconda is my favorite Rio. I love it.
  12. oh my gosh that is gorgeous...never knew it came in blue also!
  13. saks has the gold one on sale...i have a 10% coupon also for saks...wonder if i should wait for another cut or not
  14. That fancy bag is lustworthy! I don't think I could wait - there are only 9 in stock right now.