Gold Reissue at Saks

  1. My SA is holding this gold reissue for me today at Saks. I'm passing, but if anyone wants it, my SA is Delyse and she's holding it until the end of today for April. Her number is 248-808-0712. It's $2425. The style number is A37586 Y04843.
    01-20-08_1520[1] (2).jpg
  2. hello april! what size is it, 226? Is that like a medium classic, size wise?
  3. Not sure. I don't own a reissue and know nothing about them. If you check the ref library for pics, maybe the price could tell you the size? I'm sure someone here knows. Sorry I couldn't help more!
  4. Yes, the 226 is comparable to a medium sized classic. (Chanel calls this size the large size, though, it is the next smallest size after the jumbo). :yes:
  5. thanks april, bullrtproof...looks nice and not too blingey, i hope?
  6. This is actually the 225 size, about the size of the medium/ large classic flap.
  7. oh ok. thanks if 225 is the same size as the medium classic, the 226 is in between a medium and jumbo? thanks..
  8. I hope a pfer will get her! Lovely....:smile:
  9. Yes, the 226 in between the size of the medium and jumbo classic.