Gold Quilted Venetia -- Yes or No?

  1. This is another bag that I've been staring at and staring at and trying to figure out if I want. I don't own any Marc Jacobs bags. I do have a silver Paddington and a bronze Mulberry but this is a different color and definately more structured than the other two metallics I have. There's a chance I can get one at a discount. Waddaya think? Should I?
  2. It's nice!
  3. Love it, thumbs up all the way from me ! :smile:
  4. Well, there's going to be the ineveitable discussion of quilted MJ vs. Chanel, but I think if you like it, go for it. I'm a big fan of the venetia satchel, and I think this shade of gold is a colour that could last you a long time. I say go for it. :biggrin:
  5. great choice in bag
  6. Chanel is a whole other thought/decision process. I have a quilted Chanel overnight/weekend bag that I love. I haven't seen anything 'everyday' from them that I want. The Mademoiselle line is sorta cool (I know there are differences of opinion on that....). But a Venetia on sale isn't as big a decision as a Chanel.
  7. Go for it. I love the Venetia :love:
  8. Oh YES!
  9. Heck YEAH!!!!!
  10. i want the ivory quilted venitia like hardcore so i say go for it! the gold is very nice.
  11. Very nice bag. You should definitely get it. Especially if you get a discount.
  12. I dont really care for that one, but the color is nice!
  13. Thanks everyone. I should hear in the next day or so whether I can get a deal or not.