gold pst, worth it?

  1. okay so i've been eyeing the pst's lately, and i've basically fallen in love with them. so i called up my local nm and my lovely SA told me they have the pst's available but only with gold hardware.......i definately want to get the black caviar but i'm not into gold hardware. i wanted silver hardware. i know the gold hardware gives it the more classic look, but personally i've never been a fan of gold. so i'm not sure if i should get it or not. any suggestions ladies?:shrugs::s
  2. I have the GST w/GH and absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOVE it!

    But if you don't think it'll work with what you wear, etc., then don't get it!
  3. I'm not a big fan of gold either.. but i got the black pst with gold h/w and i love it! It looks beautiful with the gold h/w. But you should go to the store to see for yourself
  4. If gold h/w isn't your first choice, then you shouldn't settle for it. I think alot of other stores carry Black PST's with Silver H/W. You should try calling Bloomingdales in NYC 59 street or Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA. The one in MA has a bigger selection.
  5. Don't convince yourself you want the gold hardware if you don't want it. :yes: PST's with silver hardware aren't hard to find by any means.

    If your local department store/Chanel boutique doesn't have it, you can always call around to other locations and have them do a charge send for free.

    Also, there is a new version of the PST coming out with washed caviar for spring/summer 2008. They are coming out with red, pink, black, and white PST's all with silver hardware so you might want to wait for that. I know Hawaii has already started receiving shipment for spring/summer '08.
  6. I have a PST w/ gold and love it. I agree you shouldn't settle..get what you really want!
  7. Definitely wait for the sh if that is what you want. I have the sh and I liked it much better than the gh in the black gst for some reason.
  8. i also have pst with gold hardware and love it! but if isn't your choice, you should wait then.
  9. I'm in love with the Black GST with g/h. But if it isn't what you want, you'll end up having buyer's remorse.
  10. I'm a fan of the silver hardware with black. I just think it goes better - silver with black/gray/white bags and gold with brown/beige bags. I say hold out for the silver hardware if that's what you really want.
  11. ^^^ I agree. I'm sure you'll be able to get one with silver hardware - don't settle for something you aren't in love with.
  12. NM ordered the new washed caviar PST with silver hardware for S/S. You should double check with your SA
  13. I totally agree!
  14. can someone please describe or post a picture of the new PST with washed caviar? what's the difference with the old PST? sorry for the newbie question! :smile: