Gold Prada

  1. I saw it earlier! Someone snatched that right up. It was quite beautiful but I agree w/ you as well....was too much $$ for an evening only bag.
  2. I saw it too! So cute! :tender:
  3. Wow...beautiful! i don't think the price is too out of line for a designer evening bag... thinking Chanel clutch, about $1,000.00, right?
  4. ^ I saw that......Cute!! I love how they put the bags on the model so you can see how they'll look on you..
  5. It's back on bluefly! Very very cute!
  6. I have the wallet from this collection. I got it on sale. I have to tell you, I think its not a bag that will hold up well. There is a small spot that looks like the gold has rubbed away a little. Nothing major, I am not upset as I got it for under $200 but if I was buying a $1K bag I would be MAD!!! So think about it before you buy it.