Gold Prada zippy wallet?

  1. Does anyone know where to purchase the gold Prada zip around wallet? I saw a pic of it here on tpf and fell in:heart:
    Any ideas where to purchase? Thanks so much:rolleyes:
  2. I saw it at Saks in PA....1-610-667-1550...ext 258(ON SALE!)
  3. the above color is it bronze?
  4. the above color is it bronze? or gold? Thanks for the help:confused1:
  5. ^^^Bronze is what they are calling it on the Saks link.
  6. They call it bronzo but it is gold.
  7. ;)thanks so much I will call the PA Saks:yes: Does anyone know if they only come in bronze and black? I just checked the Prada site....I couldn't find any info. Just want to make sure I buy the right metallic color
  8. you guys are great...thank you;)
  9. ahhh! omggg ive been looking for this wallett forever! thank u so much!
  10. have a quick question..found this zippy wallet on eBay.. u think its fake?

  11. it is auth!

    i used to have this wallet in black saffiano, that i bought back in 99...i miss it! i think i might get it in gold. :ninja:
  12. Is this Unisex?? I might get it for somebody I know..... :biggrin:
  13. It is a great wallet.
  14. I adore Prada's zip wallets. I sold my Antic Cervo one when I got an YSL Rive Gauche zip wallet back in the spring. I LOVE my YSL, but I sorely miss those two wall open pockets that Prada wallets have. They are great for stashing receipts and such in them.

    Well, my BD is on Friday and I've got a shiny new Amex card I'm itching to melt down. NM here I come! :devil: