Gold Prada Drawstring

  1. yah or nay, is it a keeper? I want a gold bag for summer, can't decide it is a bit to much. Any thoughts?

    Prada Gold.jpg
  2. love it ...
  3. have you see in IRL?
    I had the black one and it was really big. the rolled handle is not that comfortable though. just my opinion. the gold color is really pretty.
  4. I saw the one with the roll handle, this particular one has two regular handles so I'm hoping it will sit comfortably on the shoulder. Worse case scenario it gets returned.

    Thanks for the info!
  5. Nay for me. But mostly its just because I'm over metallics.
  6. I love it. It's pretty but I'd have to see in for myself for the sizing.
  7. loooooooove it!
  8. CANT stand metallics..sorry!
  9. I like the bag but I'd be afraid it would only last this season and it may be kind of hard to coordinate more than a few outfits with it. :sad:
  10. I haven't seen the gold, but it was a little bulky for me. I like how it looked on the shelf though!
  11. Love it! Not a Prada fan, but I love the gleam of that gold! And I will always like the drawsting format (shout out to you, Noe!)
  12. Very pretty!
  13. I like it as long as it's a pale/more matte gold bag IRL... not one that is SUPER flashy and bright, if you know what I mean....

    Love the shape and shade of gold though :love:
  14. this one is a little too gold for me personally.
  15. dont like metallic bags but seems pretty...