Gold Pleated Suede Hobo???????

  1. Okay, quick ladies, try to talk me out of getting one. My friend got one last year and so i've always loved this bag. Lately, since they've been in the outlets, I have been craving for one. Should i or shouldn't I ? I know it gets dirty quickly so i'm a little bit worried about that. TIA.
  2. This is the dusted suede one, right? The dusted suede is MUCH easier to keep clean than the regular. They should make everything in dusted suede. :biggrin: It is adorable, so I don't think I can talk you out of getting one haha!
  3. ^ LOL! I would have to agree -- youll get no nay sayers here ;] GET IT!
  4. I have the gold dusted tortilla bag and I love that material. I find it very easy to care for and it seems to take a "beating" (I use that word loosely b/c I try to baby all my bags!) better than some of my other bags. I also like it b/c if it's raining, I don't have to worry about water spots the way I do with some of my other bags.
  5. I want to get it both in silver and gold but all I see is silver right now at the outlets I go to. I'm waiting for a price drop so I can grab it. It does discolor at parts where it rubs against your clothes or something else though.
  6. They had a silver one at my outlet on clearance. It was so tempting but I passed that and got the messenger
  7. I did it, I bought the gold purse from ebay and now i feel guilty. I mean I love the bag, i've wanted this bag ever since I saw my friends'. But you see my husband just bought me two Coach bags in Las Vegas two weeks ago, so I don't know how to justify getting another one. In all honesty, I can afford it, we are both professionals, but I don't need another purse. What to do, should I sell the purses I use less often??
  8. I only sell my bags to afford new ones. :biggrin: so, if you can afford it, go ahead and hold on to all of them. I'm sure they will all get use!
  9. i did like that when i went to the outlets, but i didnt want a metallic, if they had it in a leather...a BROWN leather... oh man i dont think i could have came home empty handed.
  10. They had the brown and white and the silver dusted at the Leesburg, VA outlet last time I was there (a week ago).
  11. If you really love it, keep it. If you will feel guilty everytime you look at it, sell it.
  12. Same when I was in Aurora, IL outlet in mid July.
  13. Do you know if gold metallic will still be in style for this fall and winter? BTW my husband thinks the bag is too shiny, but then he also said he thinks all bags look alike. I wish they had a Handbag 101 class for our SO.
  14. It really depends on what you like and if it looks shiny to you. :flowers: