Gold plated brass jewelry?

I have noticed that many contemporary designers use "gold plated brass" as a material.

I am wondering how it holds up though and if the gold plate will wear off. The brand I am looking at in particular is Rebecca Minkoff, but I also have a few Marc by Marc Jacobs items that are gold plate and I worry how they will look in a year.

Does anyone have experience with this type of jewelry?


Oct 21, 2013
I have a few pieces. You can shine them up with dried baking soda and an old towel!!
I have a few pieces. You can shine them up with dried baking soda and an old towel!!
Oh wow, I might try that with a necklace.

I'm wondering if the gold plate would eventually come off too. I have gold plate pieces that are amazing and the color hasn't worn off with over a year of daily wear and lots of water exposure (navel piercing) and then another one that is turning silver (septum ring) :sad:

My Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry looks fine, but I baby it.

This is the necklace I'm talking about btw. (attachment)

If anyone knows something with a similar chain and pendant (gold+ black preferred)feel free to suggest another designer.;)



Feb 28, 2006
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That would be fine because it's not an everyday piece, really cool! I was referring more to plated jewelry that's supposed to look like fine jewelry- like dainty rings or necklaces that would be more everyday alerting pieces. Those don't always hold up well.


Jan 20, 2012
I think it depends on the climate too. I used to live in a salty humid climate, and no non-precious metal survived there. I am in a dry climate now, so I take a chance on gold plated jewelry that I may not want to wear often and that may be trendy. I rarely pay much more than $100 for a piece and I usually get gold over silver for that price. Usually they are bigger pieces, like long necklaces, statement necklaces, or large drop earrings.

If it's something I'm sure I'll want for a lifetime, I'll save up the money and buy all gold.

I prefer heavier pieces, so hollow gold doesn't work for me very often. Sometimes the gold plated pieces look like better quality than all gold for that reason.


Jul 2, 2014
New York City
I'm not a fan of brass. Like others have mentioned, the gold will eventually come off. I'd ask about the thickness of the plating, consider the environment, how often you wear it, etc.
That is a good idea! I'll ask about the thickness.

I live in a dry, cooler climate, no sea, just rivers and I think the jewelry has a fair chance here.

It would not be an everyday piece. I have lots of jewelry and switch daily. I take off big pieces at home. It is something I would like to wear with certain bags and colors/ clothing I own (black, gold, red, white, jeans, khaki etc.)

I do have more dainty, gold filled jewelry. And gold fill lasts a lifetime supposedly. But it is hard to find designer fashion jewelry with gold fill.
If it's not an everyday piece, it should be fine. I actually don't know how many microns gold has to be in order to last a long to research!

EDIT: Research complete. Very good information here -
That is interesting! I also researched gold plate and am still not sure whether I should get it.
I guess I will wait and see if there are gold fill alternatives out there from other brands or even handmade on Etsy. If I don't find any, I can still get it if it is available. :smile: