Gold patent boy

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  1. Hi everyone. I purchased this gold patent boy. This is my first patent bag. I've seen some threads where people said their patent bags peeled. Is this a real concern or did it only happen to certain bags? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396625711.721582.jpg
  2. Congrats on your gold bag, and yes it appears to be a problem that's not isolated to just one or two.
  3. That's not good. The bag is beautiful but I don't want to worry it will peel.
  4. So gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  5. I've seen those threads too, but the bag is beautiful.
  6. I think this issue pertains more to the colored metallic BOYS, I think you will be ok with gold :tup:
    Its beautiful, good luck!
  7. Saw one IRL today! As shiny as a gold bar! Congrats!
  8. Gorgeous gold bag, congrats!
  9. Stunning color. Congrats!
  10. gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Thanks everyone. It's a very bright , shiny bag. A show stopper. But I'm hesitant about keeping it due to peeling problems on the metallic. This is my first metallic patent Chanel. I usually buy caviar and lambskin.
  12. That is a gorgeous patent bag. I love the gold. BUT as others and yourself have mentioned, I'd be concerned about keeping it, too, due to peeling issues. (I cannot believe a bag from Chanel that costs that much money actually HAS peeling issues.) :sad: It's a shame, because the bag itself is stunning.
  13. Maybe after u have use it, u can share ur review here...
  14. Congrats on your golden boy!!!!
  15. I bought the red metallic yesterday and asked my SA if he knew about any issues. I was told that it might get lil creases on the sides with time (YEARS) which happens to most bags anyway.