Gold Papillon

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  1. My new gold papillon. My silver speedy is on the mail. :yes: :heart:

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  2. Congrats!!
  3. I Love it ! Congrats ! :yahoo:
  4. lovely lovely~ congrats :smile:
  5. it's beautiful! congrats!
  6. So shining~~~~
  7. Gorgeous!!:love::drool: You're soooo lucky.
    This is the bag I wanted.:crybaby:
  8. LOVEEEE IT!!! It's so shiny...if I had one I would stare at it for hours...CONGRATS!
  9. So pretty, congrats...very nice pictures!!!
  10. Congrats....
  11. wow. it looks almost bronze!!!
    in a good way!!!
  12. :nuts: Congrats!!!
  13. First Gold Pap I've seen so far!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Model for us please!! :graucho:
  14. Pics please! Congrats!
  15. congrats....very pretty! My store didn't even get one gold papillon!:drool: