Gold Paddy is here!

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  1. My gold paddy is finally here :yahoo:
    Do you think it is too gorgeous for everyday use?
    goldpaddy1.jpg goldpaddy2.jpg goldpaddy3.jpg goldpaddy4.jpg
  2. nice bag congrats....
  3. Beautiful bag! I used to have it and I regret selling it.

  4. :nuts: CONGRATS!!! I love gold!!!
  5. looks great, congrats!!
  6. Thank you all!

    I love it, but she is quite heavy...I have been spoiled by Bbag.
    I am tempted to remove the padlock :p
  7. Don't do it! :wtf: LOL

    She's beautiful!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!
  8. I love the gold! Congrats, you're working it girl!
  9. Beautiful bag, know what you mean about the does add weight, but then, the lock makes it the paddy.

  10. I had the exact same bag too and really regret parting with it :crybaby:

    Congrats Bampi, it is a beauty! :yahoo:
  11. congrats! it's beautiful!
  12. That is beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. Great eyecatching summerbag...yummy, but don't remove the padlock for now. You will see that you will get used to it fast!
  14. gorgeous bag to be worn in summer with light dress and flip-flops.... or even in evening with something snazzier.... congrats!!!
  15. sparkling....blinkblink*:tender:congratz!