Gold Ostrich Kelly on ebay!

  1. Beautiful!!

    JAG, CYE...

  2. Thanks Jag! It's gorgeous!!
  3. Oh it's so gorgeous!
  4. It's beautiful! It seems like a really a good price too. I like the other items Flossy also has for sale :love: Esp. the blue jean Kelly! *sigh*
  5. I do believe I could take any or all of the Hermes she has!
  6. I know! FF has some seriously gorgeous goods! And this ostrich kelly is simply TDF! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I think there is a pic of Victoria Beckham with one in the Celebs section!
  7. It's absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!! :love:
  8. Hers is Cognac!
  9. Ahhh! Thanks Hermes Lemming! I would take either color- this is just such a gorgeous Kelly!
  10. Thanks Jag for the plug and everyone else for your kind words ... if ever you want to come over and play in the closet, just let me know LOL

    This really is a glorious Kelly and I am selling it just over what I paid in the first place as a pre-owned bag to cover my eBay fees. I got it for a great price, so someone else is going to be lucky also.

    I am always happy to offer free shipping to anyone that is interested in any of my bags or 5pct off the start price which is what I would have to pay in eBay fees anyway

    Thanks again
  11. It's GORGEOUS flossy!!! Seriously wish I could be the one to buy it from you! I am still drooling over it. But alas, I will just have to live vicariously through whomever wins this beauty! Just amazing!