Gold or White

  1. Hi Ladies, :yahoo:

    I am new to this forum.

    I need some help.

    I can't decide if I should get this bag with White Trim or Gold Trim.

    coach gold.jpg
    coach white.jpg

    I currently have a signature hobo with white trim, like the following one.

    coach white I have.jpg
    Help please!!!!
  2. I really like the gold python trim more than the basic white. Since you already have a bag w/ the white trim I would try something alittle different.
  3. hey, i saw that white trim yesterday at Nordies. it's pretty and can hold quite some stuff with it.
  4. I like the gold better too.
  5. I've seen both IRL and I personally like the gold better.. plus white handles always become grubby in a little while!
  6. i personally like the white one.. but since you already have one with white trim, i say.. go for the gold! :lol:
  7. gold!!
  8. Since you already have a bag with the white trim, go for the gold.
  9. Gold! :flowers:
  10. :nuts: Go for the GOLD!!:yahoo:
  11. Another vote for gold!
  12. Thanks Everyone!
    I got the white one, I am going to exchange for the gold one.
    Many Many thanks!
  13. I like the white better.
  14. Gold! on this bag....I prefer white on most others though :smile:
  15. oooh, the gold is so pretty!