Gold or White south sea pearls?

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  1. Im planning to purchase a pair of south sea pearl earrings. Im really drawn to get the golden pearls. Although white is a classic, gold looks more stunning. What do you guys think?
  2. the question is do you alredy own white perls? if yes buy the golden pearls if not the whites. but actually it does not matter what you buy now you´ll end up with both(eventually even more) :lol:
  3. LOL Actually I do have the whites but planning to sell the pair to my sister in law who wants them. Theyre so huge (16mm) and heavy and hurt my ears terribly after just a couple of hours. I was planning to get the smaller size (14mm) until i saw the gold:drool:. So now Im torn. I like the fact that gold isnt too common but wondering if it would match any colored outfit, whether casual or formal.
  4. since south sea pearls are a high price point & you're giving away you're current whites I'd get the white. Classic - you'll have forever.
  5. if youre interested in resale value go for gold. the more rare something is the more it holds its value
  6. Does anyone know if pearls are as valuable as precious stones? I have the paspaley pearls which are considered as the one of the best in the world.
  7. Depends on the pearls. I'm sure if you took them to a jeweler they could appraise them for you.
  8. I would get the white first. Although gold is beautiful, it does not look good with every skin color. If you can wear it, I would get the golden pair next, maybe some matching golden pearl necklace??!!
  9. definitely gold.
  10. When choosing any pearls, faux or non-faux, South Sea or NoName Ocean, let your skin decide the color.

    For example, if you have very pale skin, white pearls with a pinkish cast will disappear. If you are the color of a finely made Mocha Frappucino, beware of beige pearls. Snatch those white ones out of the pale girl's hand and let her try the beige ones. Or both of you go look for some gray or black ones.

    Contrast is imperative, but you also want to choose a color that does more than that, and the mirror will tell you when you have found the shade that pops!
  11. Oh....thats damn good advice!!!!!!

    And I will add some royal `insider`tricks of the trade when it comes to choosing the right shade of white. Never wear a strand of pearls that are whiter than your teeth!!! I guess this is some sort of trick to NOT bring attention to ones not so perfect teeth. Ive always had a laugh at this `pearl` of wisdom. Can you see the Queen holding up a new strand to do the teeth test???? LOL. All jokes aside, its probably wise advice!!!
  12. That makes a lot of sense Shimmapuff!!! Thanks so much!!! :yahoo: