Gold or White Gold Love Bracelet- Need Opinions!

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  1. I'm not sure if there is a thread on this anywhere but I need help!!

    I'm extremely torn between the gold and white gold love bracelet. The gold looks so good and is almost the "traditional" color however, 99.9% of the time I wear silver!

    I don't mind mixing metals but for a bracelet I plan to never take off, I want it to be perfect.

    Help! What should I do?!

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  2. Get the one that you like best (YG) and you'll figure out how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. I find that a two-toned DY piece or a Trinity piece helps to tie multiple colors of gold together.
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  3. It's the eternal question!!! LOL. I scoured these threads for weeks before I got my first one with that very debate. I always wore silver and white gold. Literally didn't own one piece of YG jewelry. But I didn't like the color of the WG Love (w/out diamonds) because it's not rhodium plated and has more of a stainless steel look to it. I started to look at the the photos of here on how the two colors looked over time and with wear and IMO the YG looks nicer with wear vs. the WG. That's just my opinion though. Even scratched to high heaven, the yellow gold still has that shine. :smile: I have since added some yellow gold items to compliment my loves. I still struggle with mixing metals - my own OCD issues. But I'm getting better. :smile:
  4. I came in here to write the same thing as BostonBlockhead: the YG looks so much better with wear than the WG does with wear.
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  5. You're so right about the two toned DY, thank you!

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  6. So happy someone else has my exact thoughts! Haha thank you so much for sharing that, you ladies have really helped me! [emoji173]️

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  7. Yellow gold.. Then again all I wear is yellow gold lol
  8. I agree go with YG, the white gold will look a toatally different shade than silver anyway, may as well have a good contrast