Gold or silver?

  1. Which color do you like better? Gold or silver?..and why? Btw, this is for the Dentelle line.

    I like the gold Kirsten, but the silver is growing on me. Now i'm torn between.

  2. I prefer gold dentelle, because you have the white pattern underneath and the gold stitching on top which gives the design more "dimensions", IMO. Also it goes better with the gold hardware.
  3. Gold! it looks much better with the hardware!
  4. Gold is my fave.. :love:
  5. Gold.
  6. Gold :biggrin:
  7. the gold is so beautiful!!:tup:
  8. Totally agree with Karman and melopuff, the GOLD because it matches the hardware beautifully.
  9. Gold:heart:
  10. gold kirsten is the only bag I like from the dentelle line
  11. for the kirsten i prefer the gold.