Gold or Silver? Which do you prefer with black?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Gold hardware on a black bag

  2. Silver hardware on a black bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I thought I preferred gold because it's a warmer color that really stands out against the black and looks really rich, but the silver really pops and is soo pretty (& matches with more fobs).

    Which do you prefer? I keep changing my mind and am curious what a poll here would say. I'm thinking of getting rid of my large black Zoe with brass and replacing it with the large black Zoe with silver buckles (if I can find one).

    Geesh, you'd think I have other things to worry about. I do, but this is more fun! :P
  2. i prefer gold. i always have. i like the look of black with silver but i do not think it "goes" with me.
  3. I am a Silver girl....I always try to buy bags with Silver Hardware....
  4. Silver for me...
  5. I like both, but in most cases, I prefer gold.
  6. I prefer Silver.
  7. I prefer Gold.
  8. I totally prefer silver, BUT I can make an exception I love the bag enough!
  9. Definitely silver.
  10. Silver!
  11. I usually prefer silver hardware, so that's what I voted for. Now I'm kind of coming around, because I LOVE the gold hardware on my Sophia's!
  12. Wow, 6 & 6 so far!!
  13. I prefer gold..
  14. I'm a silver girl too, i think i only have 1 bag with brass hardware
  15. This is very interesting, silver is ahead in the poll but not by much!