Gold Or Silver Speedy!

  1. I'm on the list for both, but I've decided to get only one :crybaby: , I really love gold, it looks gorgeous against my skin, but I wear alot of platinum and silver too. What's a girl to do?!?! :hysteric:
  2. When they get into the store, ask to see them both. Try wearing clothes you normally would wear, nothing fancy. That's how I usually come to the right decision :yes:

    The Speedy's are gonna be $1200 and they drop in the boutiques Dec. 1st. Can't wait!
  3. My boutique doesn't re-open until late december, so no luck with that idea poufiasse. :crybaby:
  4. Yikes - omg, I just saw the N.O. thing. So sorry babe for all the awful stuff that happened there last year. LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU :heart: :P :heart:

    Was the LV closed due to that, or just because of normal work?

    If you ever wanted the Speedy Miroir, definitely try or call 866-Vuitton :yes:
  5. silver. I still need to see it irl though I'm still iffy about getting one.
  6. i think this line looks too gaudy, but the silver is better looking than the gold, IMO.
  7. Poufiasse The LV is located in the Saks here, it's all being renovated due to the flooding and damage caused from all the looting. I can't wait until it re-opens, the date was pushed back from November, but I am wait-listed through the Houston boutique.
  8. Hard
    I would say silver, my mom would say gold
  9. I'm on the list for the silver speedy.
  10. In some pictures the gold is dark, in others like that Janet picture, the color seems faint.
  11. I'm liking the silver but I would have to see them in person before making my final decision.
  12. gold imo
  13. i recently started falling out of love with the Mirroir line, but i only ever liked the silver. the gold is overkill, especially on a bag as big as the Speedy 34
  14. I'm going with the silver at the moment..but have to wait n see it IRL...I hope it won't be too flashy...
  15. I'm pretty sure you don't have a choice...they only have silver...but it's a good color for the speedy anyways