Gold or Silver Mirrior Lockit???

  1. So, I waitlisted for the gold mirrior lockit but then I saw pictures of the silver one? Did I make a mistake? :wtf:
    I know I wear more gold but the silver looks so pretty. I asked my SA about the silver and the one they got is already spoken for, plus there is a waitlist for the silver of course. My SA said the silver seems to be more popular.
  2. I like the gold color A LOT more... it's so pretty!!!
  3. Thanks John-I guess I'm just freaking out since this will be my first purchase in a few months since I just got the new job and I can't afford both. Maybe I will feel better about it when I have the gold lockit it my hands.
  4. Gold looks pretty,
    But i got Silver because i feel it can go with more things,
    I think it's totally up to your personal feelings about it.
    You said you wear alot of gold so gold should look good on you :smile:
    Just try it on at the boutique and see what you think.
    Good luck :smile:
    Can't wait to see your pics!
  5. I know how you're feeling, because I never gave silver a second thought, it was gold gold gold for me! But after seeing the silver modelled on eBay....I think I now prefer silver :p It just looked so fresh with a white top and jeans...but you know, if you can't get a silver, I would rather get the gold than nothing! Gold is still, nevertheless, a STUNNING bag :yes:
  6. What is your coloring like? Are you a "warm" or "cold" person. I have olive skin and warm goldish red undertones to my hair and know that yellow gold looks better on me. I still do wear a lot of white gold, platinum and silver, but truth be told yellow gold is most flattering with my coloring. Maybe you should consider that too. Oh, and I have to say, I prefer the gold lockit over the I believe you have the prettier bag!
  7. I prefer the silver lockit as I think it is more user-friendly BUT if you will use the gold more then that is the correct colour for you ......congrats on securing a miroir lockit --can't wait to see photos:yahoo:
  8. The Gold is so much more prettier than the Silver!

  9. The gold is prettier, but the silver is a bit easier to match with, IMO
  10. The silver is a cool tone and the gold a warm liquid metal. I'm leaning towards gold at the moment but the silver is much easier when it comes to matching.
  11. Gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I like the silver better. What colour jewellery do u usually use? That might help you decide.
  13. I think both are stunning. Get whatever you can get!
  14. I really want a silver lockit.
  15. Both colours are nice but i prefer silver