Gold or silver metals - what is best for brunettes?

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  1. I used to wear silver ALL the time, then switched to gold. But am wondering if I am dark haired brunette, super fair skin w/rosy undertones, light blue eyes...what metal looks best on me? I tried to search online and do the summer/winter, etc. thing, but I seem to be a mix of both warm and cool. My veins on my wrists are both blue and green LOL!!! Guess because I'm so fair you can see everything :smile: I think I look best with lip colors in berries, pinks, blueish reds...I try to do the neutral lip thing and it just doesn't work for me. My fave color is pink, though everyone says I look amazing in blue (brings out my eyes) and red.

    I would much appreciate any thoughts - I know I could wear whatever gold or silver I wish but am curious what actually looks *right* for my coloring.

  2. silver would match you better.. gold looks nicer on med to dark tones of skin. i wear wg and i have 01 fair skin but i have dark hair hazel eyes with a olive undertone
  3. I have similar coloring - dark hair/fair skin/green eyes/freckles -- I have both platinum and gold jewelry - gold pretty much limited to hoop earrings/diamond and YG huggies/diamonds by the yard YG necklace/some charms that I intermix on a chain. I really love the plat. best (and matches my ER and eternity band) but love to mix it up with yellow gold in the summer. If you like both don't limit yourself! :smile:
  4. Similar coloring here too--with brown eyes. I can never tell if I am cool or warm, just like you.

    I think I look better in white metals. But I don't limit myself. I still wear gold occasionally.
  5. What do you think looks better on you. That is what is most important. You can still mix it up and wear both wg and yg even if you predominately wear one.
  6. ^ ITA.

    I'm also fair, with brown eyes and hair, but my skin has more of a yellow undertone, so yellow gold gets me the most compliments - BUT I still wear white metals when I feel like it. :lol:
  7. I wear both but I think silver looks better on darker skinned or tanned people than it does on my fair skin. However in travelling frequently to Arizona I've gotten interested in native American jewelry...things like silver with turquoise. So even though it might look better on someone else, I like it so I wear it sometimes.
  8. Same with me :yes:
  9. I prefer yellow gold on dark hair or tanned skin, and white gold on blonde/fair skin. I have both but I am fair with green eyes and blonde hair, and sometimes when I wear yellow gold, I feel like it gets lost on me, like it blends in too much. I do like both metals, though! I say wear what YOU feel you look best in!