Gold or silver hardware?

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  1. Trying to decide between these 2 wocs - silver or gold hardware. Is one easier for styling outfits than the other? I can't say that I wear more silver vs gold jewelry but overall I have more gold pieces. I definitely have more gold hardware in my handbag collection so the silver would be a very nice change.

    Any advice? Thanks!

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  2. i think with that color the gold is just divine! but i guess this is a matter of personal preference
  3. Gold
    This instantly enhances color of this bag particularly
  4. I'd pick GHW in combination this particular color, gives a warmer feel to the bag.
  5. Silver. I prefer silver hardware with pinky toned bags. Looks really fresh
  6. Oh this is tough.... But i think gold! Both bags look great though... Pale pink ftw
  7. Thanks all - this is going to be tough. Initially, I was drawn to the gold hardware but then I saw the silver and thought this is nice and "fresh" as someone mentioned. Online I see a lot of people have the gold and it's gorgeous but don't see the silver one very much at all. If anyone has this pink with silver combo, please post pics! Thanks so much!

  8. I agree that the silver isn't as common as the gold! I have a light blue saint laurent bag with silver hardware and I think it's really stunning! I think you should go for the silver!!
  9. Love both - totally not helpful here. My initial thought was silver is gorgeous, but gold is classic. However, I would go silver over gold for clothes matching since you have GHW in your collection already. Either way, you won't go wrong. Looking forward to your reveal.
  10. Silver
  11. I have the blush with gold hardware in the larger WOC. I love the colour. Every time I see my reflection with the bag I can't help but stare a little
  12. Gold!
  13. Another vote for Gold!
  14. I too feel like gold is a more common choice with this blush pink. I was sold on its elegance by @extrapetite's gold/blush pink bag on her instagram :smile:
  15. Gold