Gold or silver hardware for red epi pochette?

  1. My aunt phoned me last night and asked what colour I want for my red epi pochette. I said silver, but I'm wondering what everyone else prefers? :flowers:
  2. Silver!
  3. I'm really liking the silver.

    There are even silver pochette extenders.. sooo.. you could always phone your aunt for that as well. :graucho:
  4. I like gold with red.
  5. Silver, no doubt.
  6. I like gold!
  7. silver
  8. I think it would like chicer with silver and classic with gold. Either one really would be a good choice!
  9. Gold
  10. I like the red epi with gold hardware. It looks very classy.
  11. Silver!! I was so excited when they switched to silver hardware for the epi line! and it looks just smashing with red!
  12. Silver. I have a mandarin with the gold hardware I just don't think it looks as classy as the silver.
  13. Either one is good depending on your look. The gold is very classic, while the silver is very modern and chic.
  14. Both work...depends on what works better with your style and colours in your wardrobe...
  15. I actually think gold. Red is a warm color, so it needs a warm hardware.