Gold or Silver hardware for classic Jumbo flap bag?

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Oct 26, 2009
Hi All:smile:

I'm getting my very first store bought Chanel Bag, a black caviar jumbo flap classic chanel bag and don't know if I should get the gold or silver hardware ? Please help as I don't know which one to get. I have a medium really dark navy blue with gold hardware and now that I'm getting my very first classic bag, I'm not sure what to get as for the hardware, Silver or Gold? I wear usually white gold and silver accessories and nothing yellow gold so I'm not sure but I always thing of Chanel being Gold hardware when I think Classic, again correct me if wrong the silver feels more modern. Help please I'm putting my name on the list for my very first CC:smile: :yahoo::graucho::nuts: Thanks in advance for your very helpful suggestions:smile::happydance::woohoo::yahoo::biggrin:
May 18, 2008
This should probably go in the chanel subforum, but....
Just so you know, there is a waiting list and most of the classics are sold out company-wide (none in the country). As of the last time I checked. And I was put on the list but haven't gotten the call yet. As to answer your question, I prefer the gold HW (more classy and timless in my opinion).
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