Gold or silver hardware for a black Kelly??

  1. My SA has informed me that I will be able to choose chèvre de coromandel souple for my Kelly. I want a black Kelly for everyday use and I know I will love it. But I can't decide if I should go for silver or gold hardware. What do you guys think? I would really appreciate all your opinions and suggestions as I will have to call my SA back very soon:flowers:

  2. it is just personal preferance as both look equally stunning. best bet is. take a look at you jewelry ;)
  3. It all depends on your personal preference. I initially thought that black and palladium would be a good combination for me. But instead I got a black and gold one instead.

    Personally, I think palladium has a more casual look than gold. It also depends on your jewelry if you wear a lot of chunky silver or gold accessories. I think if it's small accessories it wouldn't matter whether you have palladium or gold hardware. However, if you do wear big and chunky accessories then that's one thing to consider.

    With clothing. Now that I have a black with gold, I find that it looks fabulous with black and beige/tan and other brownish color combination clothes ... or all beige, black, brown, red.
  4. we go. I have always loved, worn, and cherished platinum jewelry...never wear GOLD......BUT I do feel that when you choose a black Kelly the palladium makes the Kelly much more casusal. I chose gold on my black Kelly because it is more elegant, timeless, and gorgeous on a black Kelly. It just looks rich. It warms up the bag and makes it beautiful. You will love it now and in 50 years to come.

    The palladium is dreamy, but just in the last 5 years palladium has picked up steam. Years back gold was what you always would see and find to purchase. It is classic.

    Ultimately, it is a matter of preference. I wouldn't worry too much about the jewelry and matching to the bag. What hits you the most? What hardware do you normally lean towards?

    Sometimes, it really depends on the style and leather type of the this case I really vote gold. I agree with will work with many color combos.
  5. agree with the ladies! anything goes!
    for me, gold is dressier,
    my wedding rings are platinum and ive taken to wearing my gold watch with them, mix and matching...i didnt like it at first but now i love it!!!a wise person once told me thta going with your first instinct is usually correct!!!
    much luck and have fun decideing!!!!
    how exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think gold hw is more dressy. Palladium hw gives the Kelly a more casual look. Since you stated you want a Kelly for everyday I would like to suggest ruthenium hw. I have it on my Kelly and it gives it a really nice edge..... great for everday! Let us know what you decide.
  7. This choice is so personal, it's hard to recommend. My black Kelly will have Palladium.
    Yours in Chevre de Cor is going to be drop-deag gorgeous!
  8. Everyone has such great comments and advice here. I can't add anything more. Go with your heart! :flowers:
  9. I second you, Kellybag. My Birkin is in togo and I thought that rough leather suited palladium. That's what I got. But I think gold is a best combination for my box Kelly (black too). I think box looks best with gold. and I agree it gives it a warmer look. Do I make sense? :huh:

    You really have to keep the leather texture in mind when choosing the hardware! Listen to you heart!
  10. Gold hardware will be the ultimate dressy/classic look in a rigid Kelly.

    For souple, either way is fine ... I also agree with Kat that you can get ruthenium hardware.
  11. For a goat leather that special, I would go with the gold hardware personally.

    Definitely it's your own preference and how you want to look (classic/traditional/warm vs. modern/urban/cool).

    Oh, and for everyone on the forum: I remember reading on an eBay listing recently -- the seller/owner had all the hardware replaced on her Hermes before she placed the listing. Which leaves me to believe that if you decide to change your hardware at a later date, you can. Check with your SA about this.
  12. I agree! Follow your heart! You can't go wrong! It's going to be gorgeous!!!
  13. CHevre de Coromandel? It'll be drop-dead gorgeous! Ok...I'm a real gold hw gal and the hw on my Caramel Coromandel Kelly is also gold. Against the color of this bag, the hw REALLY takes on a rich and deep color. More so than on my other bags! The Chevre leather will have a slight sheen to it (so, so stunning!) which might be why and so, if it were me getting a black Chevre de Coromandel Kelly, I'd go for Silver hw. :smile:

    You will LOVE this bag!!!! Guaranteed!!!!:yes:
  14. I love Palladium hardware. I wear mostly silver tone jewelry (Platinum white gold, etc.) so I like the hardware to match. That being said, if I ever get a black Kelly it will have gold hardware. I think it is such a classic combination.