Gold or Potiron? Kelly or Birkin?

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  1. As a few of you already know, I just got my first Hermes bag - black box kelly - this past weekend...and I'm already planning my next one...crazy. Once I brought the bag home and tried with my wardrobe, I realized that although the black box sellier is gorgeous, I also need a casual bag. Should I go with another Kelly or Birkin? Something textured like togo/clemence for sure...but what color? I'm thinking potiron but I do wear a lot of black and I read some other threads that talked about it looking a little too "halloweeny". Gold would be nice. So, should my next bag be a gold kelly or gold birkin? Any opinions out there?
  2. First, your new Kelly is stunning! Congratulations!

    I say try a birkin next since you want a more casual bag- and what could possibly be a more chic casual bag than a birkin. What colors do you wear mostly?
  3. A gold birkin would be my choice but have you thought about the bolide? I'm currently aching for one and the mou ones are really casual I think.
  4. winter: jeans (black or dark blue) with cashmere sweaters (tan, pink, black).

    summer: shorts (khaki, white) with tees (pink, turquoise, white, etc.).

    hmmm, just from what I've typed, maybe I should go birkin as it's more casual...

    if i go birkin, then there's a whole slew of colors to consider since i only like kellys in traditional colors and like birkins in both traditional and bright colors.

    thanks for helping me out, jag...who else would i be able to talk to about this stuff?
  5. ^^LOL! I totally understand! You and I are very similar it seems! I would go with either Blue Jean or Gold as both are so versatile and would mesh well with your wardrobe!
  6. yeah, back to my first love...the blue jean birkin...gotta go epsom though (i love that pale shade)...or gold togo if i want it to match everything. completely different jean with PHW or gold togo with GHW...
  7. Sounds like a plan! We can be twins!
  8. LOL!!!

    I am so sad...Jag, you found a new buddy.:crybaby: :sweatdrop:
  9. Aw, there is only one KB:tender::heart:
  10. Gold birkin for sure!! :biggrin:
  11. I love bj in epsom b/c of the lighter shade of blue too....
  12. i vote for a raisin birkin
  13. Etoupe Birkin:heart:
  14. Gold...birkin, I think...
  15. kim_mac, to answer your title question....I have both a Gold Kelly and one in Potiron...and would say that both are about equal when it comes to being able to wear them with anything in my wardrobe.

    Either, I feel, would be a great choice:yes: or both!