Gold or Pomme???

  1. Yay~ My hearts are finally here, I've got the Gold, Violet and Pomme...:yahoo:
    I first thought of hanging the Violet / Pomme as a Charm on my Black Neo Cabby, but eventually, I noticed that the Violet didn't create a very sharp contrast, so my other two options would be either the Pomme or Gold, which they look my problem is...which one should I use it as a charm on my Neo Cabby? GOLD or POMME???
  2. pomme!
  3. pomme!!
  4. pomme! :heart::heart::heart:
  5. pomme....
  6. pomme
  7. I think Pomme too...but do you have pics to show us?
  8. GOLD! i feel it's more unique, plus it sparkles.
  9. I love the charms on the pomme!!!
  10. I love pomme, but gold is beautiful as well, tough choice!
  11. I love the gold, but I think overall pomme is the better choice and better value too in the longrun.
  12. pomme
  13. Pomme!
  14. Pomme cos I am in love with the colour...

    But you can always swop them around so you always have a new look! :graucho:
  15. I say pomme too, because I :love: the color!!