Gold or Palladium hardware.. which do you prefere?

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  1. I recently became obessed with Hermes and finally found a BJ Birkin with palladium hardware, which I LOVE. IMO palladium HW looks great in every color. For my next birkin I am thinking of Gold HW but I am not sure Gold would look great in every color. What colors would look stunning?:nuts:
  2. Gold looks great on the black bags. I've seen gold hardware on the raisin (purple) which was stunning. Also the "GOLD" brown color leather with the gold hardware is very nice.
  3. Yes, I just saw a picture of Raison with Gold.. and it looked gorgeous. I've heard Gold HW brings out the color in the Birkins.
  4. Also, it seems celebrities really like the gold over palladium. Just a little thing I've noticed.
  5. I much prefer palladium on most bags. The only colors I would consider getting gold HW is on some of the browns, black and gold. But even then, I prefer palladium since it goes better with my coloring and jewelry, and looks more "young/modern" to me.
  6. While I think that certain colors (black, gold, and other warmer colors) look especially wonderful with gold hardware, my preference is still for palladium on my bags for the same reasons as Tweetie.
  7. I Love The Gold On The Warmer Colors, Too!!! The BJ With Palladium Is Gorgeous!!!!! :smile:
  8. I like palladium b/c gold is more of a trend metal wheras silver is more timless IMO.
  9. I prefer palladium, but I found gold looks really nice with Red/ Black and gold color.
  10. I agree with Orchids. I'm a palladium/ruthenium person but I have to say gold looks awesome with warmer colours like Rouge.
  11. colors best in gold hardware - rouge, gold, black, havanne, raisin. IMO.
  12. I'd love to have rouge H with gold hw. :love: I need to get gold hw to match my Hippo cadena. :smile:
  13. My default choice is palladium. But am willing to have gold and ruthenium, depending on colours and styles, and purpose of use. For example, if it's for evening use, I would like gold hardware.
  14. Gold with gold hw and black with gold hw is gorgeous.
  15. Me too!

    Black would look very classy with gold h/w...or Ruthenium for a more "rock & roll" look :wlae: :supacool: