Gold or Etoupe? Which is a better neutral?

  1. Hello!

    I need some advice please. I want to purchase a neutral color birkin that I can wear all the time during the days. I am debating between GOLD togo or ETOUPE clemence. Either of these bags would be purchased from a reseller.

    Here is a little background on myself:

    -32 years old
    -I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way
    -I work in an office
    -I have blonde hair (I get highlights) and am not super fair, but also not super tan.
    -I wear basic colors/clothes (blacks, jeans, greys, etc)
    -My current Hermes collection includes:
    -35cm rouge vif chevre birkin (gold hw)
    -35cm blue jean togo birkin (palladium hw)
    -30cm black box birkin (palladium hw)

    The bummer is I do not live near a boutique so have no clue which color would be best for me.

    So do I go GOLD or ETOUPE? I feel so confused and need your help;) :confused1:

    Thanks! :heart::yes:
  2. given your description i say gold etoupe might look too dull
  3. I agree with Lilach, I would go for gold. Plus I think that gold is the more versatile neutral colour. Gold just goes and glows with everything and it's the perfect classical Hermes colour.
  4. Another vote for gold.
  5. etoupe...............its so sophisticated and goes with everything. gold gets a little dingy in my opinion (doesnt age well). plus the etoupe is just a tad dressier...................making it great for work as well
  6. Gold, gold, gold!!!
  7. Hi,

    I really love the Etoupe as an all-around Neutral. It's very fresh, yet classic and goes with everything from camels and beiges to black, navy and any color you can think of. Not to mention all shades of Gray. I think you're more limited with the Gold.

    :heart: BB
  8. Gold! It's a classic.
  9. Do you want gold hw or phw ...or doesn't it make a difference? I think gold goes great with ph and gold but I prefer etoupe with ph.
  10. Your blonde coloring makes me think gold with GH.

    I personally love both but I think Etoupe works better with darker coloring. I tried on an Etoupe Lindy a few months ago and it really made my brunette hair POP! I was amazed!
  11. For your coloring, gold with gold hardware. ;)
  12. I say gold as well. I have a gold/gold 35 and find it goes with everything. And I have blondish hair and fair skin.

    I wouldn't mind having an etoupe bag as well -- I think it is different, cooler-colored and would be a totally different look.
  13. have you considered sable? it's similar to gold, but with yellow tones as opposed to gold with brown tones. i think the etoupe is more of a striking color (can't put your finger on it type of color) whereas the gold is kinda playing it safe. both gorgy colors though!
  14. if you aren't able to try them out, then i say gold -- etoupe is a lovely color but it does NOT flatter everybody, while gold looks good on everyone.
  15. and I think with will hid kid stains, etc better than etoupe.