Gold or Cognac?

  1. I'm contemplating my 3rd Birkin within a week (shhh... I'm hiding this from my husband), and I have narrowed my choices to gold or cognac. I want a mid brown (not too light, not too dark) that would pop against my clothing (I wear most colours in warmer shades from light to dark).

    I saw 2 golds at a reseller over the weekend. I am pretty sure once was in clemence, and the other perhaps togo. The shop was quite dark and the golds looked like a matt dark tan. There was also a cognac, but in buffalo, which I didn't like because the colour looked kind of mottled and uneven. It was also very matt-looking.

    Could I hear some opinions as to gold in togo and cognac in epsom (these are my current options)? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Gold is yellower and lighter/brighter than Cognac. I love Cognac in Epsom ever since I saw it on a Kelly sellier.

    Perhaps you can do a search in the forum. There would be threads which have substantially discussed these colours.
  3. I'd go for Cognac in Epsom. Have you thought about Café, Etoupe or Tourterelle?
  4. Both are wonderful choices. Cognac in Epsom rocks, but so does Gold in Togo. The leathers however are very different so the question is perhaps do you want your bag to hold its' shape or is it allowed to relaxe over time?
  5. Both are beautiful!

    I had the opportunity to see an HAC in Gold Epsom some months ago. It was gorgeous! But, I feel the Cognac to be the more striking color in this has more depth.
  6. I almost can't believe this is going to come out of my mouth, but here it goes. Maybe if you have to keep this stuff a secret from your husband you should just enjoy the 2 bags you already bought this week. I dont have a husband but I know many other TPF members run into issues explaining a 7k purchase, but spending over 20k+ and not letting him know could cause serious issues. Than 6 months from now snag up another. Gold is usually fairly easy to find at resellers.
  7. Wow!
    I personally would prefer the Gold Togo by a mile. I don't like epsom for myself, as I don't like the way it takes dye and I personally prefer the feeling of nearly all other H leathers.

    And, off the subject of the color of the bags...
    I think ReneH has a very very good point. Though I realize that maybe you're being sort of funny about saying you have to hide it from your husband? Feel free to tell us to MOOB, of course. !!
  8. Ah, but did the OP mean that she was contemplating buying her third Birkin within the same week or that she was contemplating, within this week, buying a third Birkin? Sentence structure can play a large role in how I would answer the question!
  9. I love the richness of the Cognac color, for me, Gold is too strident but many adore the color
  10. This point is more important than the color of the bag.
  11. I love both Cognac and Gold. Both are wonderful, and none too poor a choice!
  12. I would tend to agree ... :sad:
  13. Hmmm... I've been so caught up in the thrill of the chase that I pushed that thought aside. And yes, I am talking about buying a 3rd Birkin in a week.

    Thank you for the reality check. While we are debt-free (mortgages all paid etc.) and I fund my purchases from the disposable part of my income, I think my husband might have issues with the way I spend the money, even though it is money I make.

    I'm glad most of you recommend the cognac epsom, because that is what my gut is leaning towards. Ah well... maybe I will re-visit this closer to Christmas :graucho:
  14. I used to like only Gold until recently when I saw Gina's Cognac birkin. I think both are great colours.
  15. both are great colors, gold is more subtle and u can prob wear it with more things. cognac i adore, with white contrast stitching it is stunning. it depends if you want a soft look or dramatic look IMO. both are great tho!