Gold+Mirror= What did I do?

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  1. Ok so I was browsing on eBay and came across some good deals on vernis hearts and a cosmetic case. And a gold mirror case! (I posted links in the Deals thread)

    So I bought the gold case! For a total of $395...


    I bought it with the mind set to resell it, but who knows.

    Is this really hard to get? Are they an LE item?

    Here's the auction pics:


  2. I saw that auction...great deal! I'm not sure how they will resell, but it's a super cute clutch. I paid $390 total shipped in from Hawaii. Mainland price is $385 and most will have to pay tax.
  3. Yeah I mean I hope I can resell it! LOL

    I don't really love the mirror line, IDK what I did! LOL

    But is it in high demand now?

    I looked on the completed listings for them and saw they went for about what I paid or a little more for now. But maybe they will sell better in a few weeks or months? I can hang onto it...
  4. Yes it is a good deal, USA mainland they were 385 plus tax so over 400. Wonder what seller paid for his, as he still had to pay e-bay fees, etc
  5. I have no problem with buying to sell for a profit, so good luck to you

    but some people on here get all upset about it. just so ya know
  6. Sorry.
  7. I'm trying to sell mine I paid around $420 cause of tax and no one seems to want it even though its in high demand.. I didn't even up my price.. I just asked for what I paid plus shipping :shrugs:
  8. I think you need the right market...a lot of the people who really wanted it were on lists at stores for them and ended up getting them that way. Plus, there was word of a second shipment coming...not sure about how much truth there was to that.
    Also, the Miroir might be too flashy for some people...and they may not want a "fragile" cosmetic case. Or also, it could be too much for people to spend on a cosmetic case. I know I would think twice about spending that much on one unless I had been able to see it in person to see how big it actually is.
    It's hard to explain it but sometimes that's the case.
  9. Agreed with lvbabydoll. I thought of getting one in miroir, but it's a little too fragile for a cosmetic case. I carry too much crap in my bag. I'm afraid it will get all scratched up. I have the 2 miroir hearts, but that's different....I'm a heart lover, so I had to get them! LOL
  10. I would just wait a bit and see in the next month or so as a lot of people seem to still be waiting for them.
  11. I agree. Perhaps as these "second shipments" come through (or don't), people will start looking around.
  12. I agree with Lvbabydoll ... the boutique I go to confirmed that they are getting more shipments of these. And a lot of the other boutiques still have them. If nothing else you can re-sell later when they are all sold out ... good luck!
  13. Hope you sell it. I am looking for items myself to buy. I am telling you, on eBay someone will always buy. Maybe if not now, in a month or so
  14. I think that the demand was high only for those who were willing to pay retail. Similar to what LVbabydoll is saying most of the people who wanted them got on a list and are paying retail and getting them directly from LV. It may be a hard item to resell as it is not quite as rare or in demand as the Miroir bags were, KWIM?
  15. I got the same problem. I bought the Pomme heart but I hadn't use it at all. I figure i can resell it since I hate driving 1 hr to return the stuff and I hater returning stuff at LV boutique. Now I have no idea what to do with them.