Gold Mirror Lockit available

  1. Just in case anyone interested, I saw a gold mirror lockit at Cherry Creek LV (Denver) today.
  2. Thanks for the info! That's my local store and I'm looking for the silver, but will settle for gold. I wonder if it's still there? Too late to call now...
  3. I was there at 6:00pm today and saw it there on it should be there tomorrow morning when you call...good luck :yes:
  4. emilykj: I hope its there in morning for ya. can't believe store still have them in.
  5. Thanks! I'll let you all know what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me!:tup:

  6. Good luck...make sure to post pictures when u get her tomorrow
  7. So did you give them a call?
  8. YES! I called this morning and it was still there so I ordered it :wlae:. I'm having it shipped to me because the tax rate where I live is 2.9%, so I saved a little on tax. Thank you!!!
  9. Congratulations! You are going to love this bag!:yes:
  10. Thank you, I can't wait! Do you have the gold or silver? I was hoping to get a silver because I thought it would be more versatile, but am thinking that I can make the gold work. What's your opinion on this?
  11. :tup: Congrate on your new bag :yahoo:
  12. Thank you thank you thank you! I still can't believe that I will own one of these highly coveted bags :nuts:.
  13. I have the silver, but would have loved to have the gold, too. I ended up having to pick just one. Went w/silver because it matches my skin tone better. I think they are both versatile and gorgeous! Post pics when you get it!
  14. congrats!
  15. Wow! Congrats!