Gold Mirroir Papillon

  1. Theres a picture of it in the October 2006 INStyle magazine on page 346.
  2. can you post a picture ?
  3. Can someone scan this?
  4. The gold Alma is in the October Glamour on page 154
  5. please scan I'm dying to see!
  6. We've seen those pictures a thousand times! I'm ready to see the bag in action!:P:drool:
  7. if I had a scanner, I would do the honors, but my electronics geek husband, says they're so 90's :rolleyes:
  8. [​IMG]

    Posted by khoipond in the celeb thread..
  9. Love this line. Still waiting...
  10. Wow thats an expensive alma ... I know is bigger than all but that was more than I was expecting... if I do get something ot would have to be a speedy now .. prob in silver ... I think the gold is too glam for me ...

    What are your thoughts???
  11. Love the gold.
  12. I saw the instyle pix when I went to the store. The bag looked weird. It said it was embossed vinyl. The pic from instyle is the one taco posted. I prefer the silver and I dont think I like the gold at all. There is a pic of the pochette in instyle too if you have the mag.
  13. It's not just big it's gigantic lol. Really not for use as a's luggage sized (think Alma Voyage.) I keep changing my mind but I'm definitely getting the Speedy in silver and both gold and silver pochettes. IMO, the silver will be less flashy and bright, so you might want to go with that one.

    And Michelle, we're in the same boat! I'm DYING for these to finally be released! :love:
  14. I'm on the list for both in the speedy!