Gold Miroir Speedy + Silver Miroir Speedy I couldn't choose *PICS*

  1. Hey Girls and Boys, I couldn't resist or choose :wlae: So! I took both! :supacool:

    Here they are :nuts:

  2. SO FREAKIN HOT!! i love the them! so cute CONGRATS!
  3. Very nice !!!!!
  4. congrats!
  5. pweeetttyyyyyyy...i like the silver one more than gold!

    I have a Q...when you touch it, does it leave fingerprints on the bag?!?!
  6. Don't blame ya! Congrats!
  7. oh yeah..and does it sag?!
  8. Congrats! Love them!
  9. beautiful!congrats!
  10. nice
  11. So pretty...I've had mine in the bag and box for a week...the silver version...I've been so tired and busy lately..I haven't had a chance to post my pics to the pf. Enjoy!
    P.S. did you put yourself on the wait list for both? I now want the gold version and think it's probably going to be impossible to get.
  12. it doesn't sag at all and no finger prints lol
  13. That's what happened to me when the mc speedies came out, Couldn't decide-got them both!
  14. Looks good! I wish I got the Gold Speedy. Darn. I love them both, congrats! : )

    Post these pics in the Miroir club!
  15. I love them both too!