Gold Miroir Papillon at Fashion Valley

  1. As of today, there is a Gold Miroir Pap available at the Fashion Valley store. My SA offered it to me but I don't really NEED any more of the Miroirs so I passed.
    Just a heads up :yes:
  2. whats the price???
  3. Hmm I didn't ask because I wasn't interested but I believe it was around $1100-$1200? I'm not sure of the exact amount.
  4. Ohh! I want it! But I'd rather the silver!
  5. Retail was $1170 when they launched.
  6. bump. b/c i KNOW someone wants to see this!
  7. ^^ Actually, someone PMed me for the store's number and called yesterday but she said it was gone already. So there isn't one anymore. :sad:
    I'll let everyone know if there is anything else available though!