gold mirior pochette - take it or leave it??!!

  1. my friend just told me that she reserved this for me. she said this is the last piece..
    any gold mirior pochette owner here? can give suggestion what can i put inside? picz? do you guyz wear it often?
    should i take it or just leave it :confused1:
    thankz in advance! :smile:
  2. I want one, it´s a fab looking bag. There are loads of Miroir pochette owners, do a thread search.
  3. Get one if you can lay your hands on one. I'm regretting I didn't get it...
  4. I would get it. I have it and I hardly put anything inside but other PFers have been able to put several items inside.
  5. get it:graucho: !

  6. There's some still floating around. I saw a silver Miroir Pochette at Valley Fair yesterday.
  7. I'm in Singapore and it's all sold out here... :crybaby::sad:
  8. Sorry to go against the grain here, but it's too flashy for me. Peronally I won't go for it.
  9. thankz everybody.. i should make up my mind soon.. ^^ anymore opinion??
  10. Yep, I saw that the other day lady almost bought it, but she wan't gold :sad:
  11. Get it while you can. Miroir is so highly sought after, that you can always sell it later if you want to.
  12. The pochette is nice, but will probably durability wise will wear the worst of the miroir line, as the smooth back is severely prone to scratches, and the strap will get creases both when you wear it and store it. I returned my silver one, as I felt it was too much work. (I am so careful with my things, but can't baby something constantly.) That being said, if you can't live without a piece of miroir, get it (plus the gold is harder to find!).
  13. My rule of thumb is you need to fall in love with any item you choose to get. If you're not in love, then are you buying it for an investment to sell later? Otherwise, save your money for something you REALLY want.

    Unless you're Kimora Lee Simmons and can buy anything you want. I sure wouldn't mind that!!

  14. I'd say get it~ I like the miroir line's pochette.