gold mirior LV

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  1. I am thinking of buying the large alma. Do you like this purse?:heart:
  2. Probably the wrong place to post this topic :shrugs:
  3. If you like it,go for it.:yes: For me it's too big but it is a gorgeous bag:love:
  4. I love the Miroir line! I have a couple of the bags but no luggage pieces. If you like it go for it.
  5. It's really very large. I saw a picture of Janet Jackson with it, and I don't know how stuffed she had it, but it was pulling and didn't really look that great.
  6. It's cute but just REALLY big. If it were the regular sized one, I'd have been interested.
    But anyway, if you like it, go ahead and get it!
  7. I think everyone in this forum is turned off by the Alma from seeing the Janet pictures. I'm sure very few people have actually seen the Alma in real life though.
  8. i think its too huge.....i saw the photos......

    anyway, its not the bag for me

    if you like, go for it

    remember to model for us too
  9. I wouldn't consider it as a purse...more like luggage! If you'll use it...go for it. If you just want it for your collection...then go for it too :P
  10. I love it
  11. True fashionistas don't care if it's luggage or a bag as long as it holds your stuff and doesn't require wheels. ;)
  12. It's a real showpiece! I like it, but don't think it's practical. However, if YOU like it, then go for it! I'm just a nobody:biggrin:
  13. I saw it at the 34th Street Macy*s and it looked just above average size of an Alma, but not GINORMOUS either. It was in silver and in the glass case. It looked really cute.

    If you like it, go for it ---- but you'd better post pics! :winkiss:
  14. I actually did see it and it still wasn't my favorite. I think the Alma has TOO much shine. The Speedy is just right for me :smile:
  15. I saw it too and I agree it is has too much shine factor for me and it is an Alma GM. If you love it and will use it then you should purchase it;)