Gold Metallic Stam

  1. Hey everyone, I am looking into buying my first Marc Jacobs bag soon. A lady I work with had this gorgeous metallic gold stam bag but it had double zipper pockets on front instead of just one. It was beautiful and now I must have one :hysteric:What is this color and is it still available? Its not the bronze... which is the closest I could come across when I searched the threads.
  2. Sounds like the East West Stam? I'm not sure the bag came in a gold color...
  3. Is this the one you are looking for? I saw it IRL at NM's yesterday. Yum!
  4. I have never seen one in gold either. I am wondering, could it be cola coloured or a taupy colour? :smile: Prada Psycho, that bag is soooo pretty :smile: