Gold metallic bowler , so sad

  1. Gold metallic bowler being returned to Chanel in Palm Beach. The gold rubbed of on the four corners and the strap. This was only after about fifteen minutes of use, so sad. I called SA in Palm Beach and I will be returning it this week.The price of the bag was $2420 plus $ 157.30 sales tax, total of $2577.30 to spend. We are just heartbroken it is a very lovely bag. :yucky: I will have her to send the plum caviar classic flap in jumbo. I had reserved in Paris but I will cancel that for something else. SA in Palm beach said the blue was also lovely. She said not dark sort an in between color. We will add a bit more and get a second bag, maybe another color from the fall classic flap collection. My SA in Paris said yesterday that she had sent me more catalogs. Hopefully, they will arrive today. Still dark outside but I am going off to work in a few really :nuts: busy day ahead.
  2. Ktown, did your SA in Palm Beach confirm whether there was a corporate announcement about a recall on this color?
  3. No, she did not just that there was a problem with the bags.